Your Child’s New Favorite Social Justice Book Based On Their Sign

Your Child’s New Favorite Social Justice Book Based On Their Sign

Here’s a collection of books to get for your little one that focus on issues related to social justice! Find your child’s sign and see which book would be best for them to learn about complex subject matter in a way they can understand and will love. Or, just enjoy these books because they’re fun, educational, and illustrated beautifully!


Aries: Brave Girl



(Harper Collins)


In this biography your ambitious and audacious Aries kid will meet Clara, a Ukrainian immigrant living in the United States, who stands up for what she believes in. This realistic portrayal of an early 20th century garment worker teaches children about unions and strikes through the eyes of  Clara. Your Aries will be inspired to remain courageous and speak their truth.


Taurus: The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales



(Barefoot Books)


A great book for kids about green living and sustainability that your little Taurus explorer will love! Lush and bright colors paint the scenes of adventure and travel while introducing your little one to different animals and natural phenomena.


Gemini: A Is For Activist



(Board Books)


Your little Gemini has so many interests and a busy mind and will love this book because it’s got vivid colors, beautiful illustrations, and tons of new words for them to learn. Watch them go from A to Z, immersing themselves in the language of civic engagement and freedom fighting.


Cancer: Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey



(Orca Book Pub)


In this bilingual book, your intuitive and emotional Cancer kid will find an educational tale about a Syrian family forced to leave their home. Through captivating illustrations and a powerful narrative, this book will teach your child about the the refugee experience and open their eyes to issues in global politics in an accessible way.


Leo: I Like Myself!





Audre Lorde taught us that self-care is an act of self-preservation and political warfare. It’s never too early to provide your little one with the tools to combat white supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy-derived low self-esteem. This book is a great place to start and your bold, self-interested Leo little one will love memorizing this one!


Virgo: Swimmy



(Dragonfly Books)


This book teaches kids about the power and importance of organizing and leadership! After an exploratory journey under the sea, Swimmy comes up with a plan that will help him and his fish friends solve a problem. Your skill-oriented Virgo child will love this adventure book that teaches us fall in love with brainstorming.


Libra: Four Feet, Two Sandals





Your little Libra will love this tale about love and friendship that explores themes of harmony and kindness in the setting of a refugee camp. They’ll learn about the importance of caring and sharing while staring in awe at the beautiful illustrations.


Scorpio: Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can! Janitor’s Strike in L.A.



(Cinco Puntos Press)


Get this book for your little Scorpio empath and they’ll learn about the story of Carlito and his hardworking mama and the sacrifices she makes for her family. They’ll also learn about what it’s like to be the child of parents who are on strike and what it’s like to navigate big feelings and complex emotions.


Sagittarius: Teacup



(Dial Books)


A great story about a journey across the sea for your little adventurer to enjoy over and over again. From blue skies and calm to stormy seas and clouds, your little Sagittarius will follow a young boy on his search for home. It’s a great story to start conversations about what “home” means and the power of companionship.


Capricorn: Amazing Grace





This story follows Grace, a little girl who wants to star as Peter Pan in the school play but feels discouraged because of the harsh judgments of her classmates. Not only is Peter a boy, he isn’t Black. Grace, with the help of her family, finds the courage to be the star and explores her own strength with the help of storytelling and fantasy. Your little Capricorn will love this enchanting and fun story of overcoming obstacles to follow your dreams.


Aquarius: Dreams of Freedom in Words and Pictures



(Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)


Your natural-born healer will love this collection of quotes about freedom from different leaders and thinkers throughout history. This book is a great source of inspiration for your budding humanitarian to learn about different ways to think about what freedom means.


Pisces: The Boy & the Bindi



(Arsenal Pulp Press)


Your imaginative Pisces child will love this whimsical and affirming tale of self-expression and self-acceptance. Beautiful illustrations paired with a narrative about reconceptualizing gender norms make for a charming and honest look at identity through the eyes of a child making sense of who they are.


Whatever your feelings about astrology are, it doesn’t really matter in this case. What matters is that there are countless authors creating great books for kids to educate them about complex issue in a way for their growing minds and growing hearts to understand. Happy reading!

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