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made history, amber-encased prey bound for capture in a flash still only living degrees from truth in a form life transformed into memory — neither soul nor being yet worth more than these thirty-four

Your Child’s New Favorite Social Justice Book Based On Their Sign

“Here’s a collection of books to get for your little one that focus on issues related to social justice! Find your child’s sign and see which book would be best for them to learn about complex subject matter in a way they can understand and will love. Or, just enjoy these books because they’re fun, educational, and illustrated beautifully!”

Kamra Sadia Hakim | Activation Residency

“Activation’s programming focus is trauma and queer informed activism and healing workshops accompanied by pop up galleries, sets, and performances. This three day residency experience is designed by a queer Black person and is for queer Black people and their comrades.”

A Room of One’s Own: Page Two

“As we continue on this narrative path with her we’re subtly privy to Virginia’s feelings of entrapment as she describes the rivers reflective surface and the images that have captured her attention as she watches a rower enter and exit the scene. Still lost in thought, she informs us that the stream and her mind are kin; her consciousness drifts down the river and to the sky until the “sudden conglomeration of an idea” transforms her confusion into curiosity and an eagerness to make sense of her own mind.”

A Room of One’s Own: Page One

“This is when it’s important to take into account Virginia’s intersecting identities. Not only did she battle mental illness, attempt suicide multiple times, and struggle with her sexual identity, she suffered from trauma due to the loss of incredibly close family members. She may have had access to excellent libraries and may have been raised on Victorian Literature from a young age but she also was also navigating the painful complexities of existence, ultimately ending her own life by way of suicide.“


Jesus Take the Wheel: On Deliberate Reflection and Intention-Setting

I’m going to attempt to, from now on, choose a thematically related song’s title for my blog titles. Why? Mostly as a nod to Degrassi TNG (#LongLiveJTY) and partly because why not but really because that’s just what I’ve decided I’m going to do. At least for now. We’ll see how that goes. So, for…

Holding the State Accountable: On Birth Trauma Behind Bars

On June 2, 2012, Nicole Guerrero was arrested by the Wichita Falls Police Department for a possession charge. At the time of her arrest, Nicole was five months pregnant; a fact that was confirmed by Dr. Ghanbar, OBGYN, on June 11, 2012 in an appointment during which the baby’s heartbeat was heard and Nicole’s stomach…