Doula Services

Jesi is a NYC-based doula offering support to people who are pregnant, birthing, seeking abortion services, or coping with infant loss and miscarriage. Following years of academic research and community service work that revolved around maternal health, mothering, and bodily autonomy, particularly with respect to Black, carceral, and low-income communities, Jesi’s trajectory changed from pursuing a career in academia to becoming a birth worker. Their interest is, primarily, providing thoughtful, respectful, and well-researched doula services to pregnant and birthing people. Inclusivity and acknowledgment of different types of birthing bodies, coupled with various gender identifies, remain of key importance given that Jesi is a non-binary, queer individual who understands that the culture and language of birthing is often cis-heteronormative and erases countless birthing narratives that don’t fit into the gender binary.

Jesi is currently pregnant and will resume offering doula services in the Spring of 2019.