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at hear iamb publishing (hip) we strive to connect you with new writers from around the world, one chapbook at a time. mom-owned and homegrown hip is a labor of love intended to expose you to wordcraft and literary artists while also maintaining a commitment to social justice. hip is an independent chapbook publisher whose main mission is spreading a love of poetry, redefined. we bring publishing back to basics with minimalist style and maximum artistry. we thank you for your support.

SPECIFICS: your donations go towards covering the the costs of printer ink, recycled paper, recycled card stock, envelopes, stamps, shipping, a basic website with five years of renewal, and labor. hip is run by one person, me, and all chapbooks are created with love in my living room and while hip is a labor of love it still requires labor so every dollar counts in so many ways.

*once a chapbook is purchased $1 goes to a charity of the writer’s choice, $1 goes to hip, and the rest goes to the poet whose chapbook you purchased.


with love,

Jesi Taylor Cruz

founder and operator

hear iamb publishing company

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