Blood and Milk


A Tough Pill to Swallow: The Racist History of Birth Control | “We can explore the libratory properties of contraception while also examining the ways that power structures that are racist impact our relationship to it.”


Rethinking Reproductive Justice: Beyond Pregnancy| “When thinking about and considering solutions to problems regarding reproductive justice it is important to keep in mind the violent histories that birth legislation as well as the carefully-designed systems that seek to control our lives.”


Postponing the Gender Reveal: Raising A Theyby | “All any parent can do is try their best while hoping for the best and offering their children a healthy and safe environment to grow up.”


Emotional Labor Pains: The Evolution of My Birth Story | “For some reason, though, while trying to manage the pain of my labor and the suddenness of it all, I was losing my sense of self, my feelings of preparedness, my courage.”


The Establishment


Finding Community During Pregnancy As A Black Non-Binary Femme | “Our bodies alone, and their differences and histories, make pregnancy and childbirth a unique experience, but so do things like the food we have access to, the way we are perceived by others, the type of insurance we have (if we have insurance at all) whether or not we work, whether or not we have a partner or partners, implicit biases medical professionals have toward us based on our race—there is so much silenced and overlooked.”




Birthing While Black: On Reclaiming Our Time, Maternal Health Disparities, and the Importance of Doulas | “Without fair and equal access to quality medical services, combined with the gutting of Medicaid and other funds that help to cover the costs of childbirth, women will continue to lack support during birthing.”


American Philosophical Association


A Serious Proposal to the Professors | “I’m not advocating for the silencing of the myriad important figures of the canon; I’m advocating for the amplification of voices that have historically been silenced. The future of Philosophy depends on incoming cohorts of undergraduate students passionate and driven enough to enter academia as an unstoppable force.”


Thought Catalog


10 Things to Do When You’re Alone That Can Change Your Life | “The most exciting thing about humans is the fact that due to about 100 billion neurons in each of our brains (combined with all of our unique phenomenological experiences as beings trying to cope with our confusing, and often upsetting, world) there are so many different strokes for different folks.”


White Face, Brown Past: How Living with Vitiligo Helped Me Come to Terms with Race | “Being qua being is a complicated enough existence sans the added pressures and stress that come with living in a racially torn culture that mutes, rather than crescendos, the voices of change, progress, and solidarity. ”