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Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure and StyleLikeU

A Serious Proposal to the Professors | “I’m not advocating for the silencing of the myriad important figures of the canon; I’m advocating for the amplification of voices that have historically been silenced. The future of Philosophy depends on incoming cohorts of undergraduate students passionate and driven enough to enter academia as an unstoppable force.”

Dispelling Beauty Myths | On Living with Vitiligo

10 Things to Do When You’re Alone That Can Change Your Life | “The most exciting thing about humans is the fact that due to about 100 billion neurons in each of our brains (combined with all of our unique phenomenological experiences as beings trying to cope with our confusing, and often upsetting, world) there are so many different strokes for different folks.”

White Face, Brown Past: How Living with Vitiligo Helped Me Come to Terms with Race | “Being qua being is a complicated enough existence sans the added pressures and stress that come with living in a racially torn culture that mutes, rather than crescendos, the voices of change, progress, and solidarity. ”

Academy of American Poets | “they’ll steal the tombstone teeth shining gold / from smoking flesh of her mother and theirs / and in some hell penned arithmetic / call it the final solution”

New York Fashion Week | On Diversity with Gypsy Sport